Vince privately teaches trumpet, guitar, electric bass guitar, arranging, composition, music theory, ear training, and improvisation to students of all ages and levels.

Vince earned the Masters of Music degree in Jazz Performance from the University of the Arts; and earned the Bachelor of Science in Music degree concentrating in Jazz Studies and Theory & Composition from the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz. He studied trumpet through undergraduate and graduate school with Rebecca Coupe Franks, Dennis Wasko, and John Swana. Vince has also attended master classes held by Randy Brecker, Matt Gallagher, Michael AbeneCraig Morris, Steve Wilson, Claudio Roditi, Pat Martino, Malcolm McNab, Matthew Shipp, Scott Holbert, John Abercrombie, Jeff Curnow, and Alison Balsom

In 2006, Vince got his start teaching trumpet master classes at Silver Creek Central School. He soon took on private students teaching trumpet, guitar, electric bass, improvisation, arrangement and composition. While earning his Master of Music at the University of the Arts, he served as the trumpet department intern. He taught private trumpet lessons, prepared transcriptions for class materials and live performances, and proctored exams. At UArts, Vince was also a Teaching Assistant for the Freshman Jazz Improvisation class. He conducted sectionals, administered exams, and critiqued improvisation. Vince served as electric bass guitar instructor with Rock to the Future. Recently, Vince held a jazz improvisation masterclass at Schenectady County Community College. He currently is at Teaching Artist and Instrument Specialist teaching trumpet with Play On, Philly

Each student approaches music differently; Vince tailors his teaching to fit students' approaches. He asks each student, "What do you want to accomplish?" Together, they set short and long term goals. Vince believes a strong technical foundation leads to freer ease of artistic expression. His students receive a wholistic approach to music applicable to whatever instrument they choose. 

Vince currently teaches exclusively online (due to the pandemic). Further information regarding Vince's experience with each subject is below. Interested? Contact Vince here.


The trumpet is one of the most demanding yet rewarding instruments. A dominant voice in classical and jazz; the trumpet can be a section or solo instrument. 

Vince began playing trumpet in 1998. He attended lessons at elementary school. Vince soon won principle chair in school ensembles; later with select county and state wide ensembles. He competed in annual solo competitions performing classical and jazz trumpet throughout middle and high school.

In 2003, Vince began studying trumpet privately with Mark Klose; later with John Maguda. Vince primarily studied from methods including Arban's Complete Conservatory Method, Schlossberg's Daily Drills and Technical Studies, Clarke's Technical Studies, and Stamp's Warm-Ups & Studies. Vince also studied classical solo repertoire by by Hindemith, Haydn, and Kennan among others.

While cultivating classical foundation, Vince developed jazz chops by listening, transcribing, and studying many jazz greats including Louis Armstrong, Clifford Brown, Donald Byrd, Miles Davis, and Maynard Ferguson. Vince continued studying trumpet through undergraduate and graduate college with Rebecca Coupe Franks, Dennis Wasko, and John Swana. Vince has also attended master classes held by Matt GallagherCraig Morris, Claudio Roditi, Randy BreckerMalcolm McNab, Scott Holbert, Bijon Watson, Jeff Curnow, and Alison Balsom.

Vince is a strong improviser, which has served him well in the commercial music scene. He is a frequent performer with cover and original bands. In the recording studio, Vince often lends his horns to a wide variety of genres including pop, indie, surf-rock, ambient, and soul. 

Vince is an all around trumpet player and soloist; he doubles on other brass instruments including flugelhorn, cornet, slide trumpet, and mellophone. At his home teaching studio he has many brass instruments as well as a library of method books and repertoire.


Guitar is one of the most popular instruments today. It has a long history, and with the invention of the electric guitar, has become a dominant voice of multiple generations. 

Vince began playing guitar as a teenager. He initially learned on his mother's electric guitar and 12-string acoustic guitar. He took some lessons, but is largely self taught by transcribing music. Since attending college for trumpet, Vince has applied that musical knowledge to the guitar. 

Vince has recorded guitar on many of his solo albums including Syzygy and Sound Plan, as well as on other artists' music. He's performed regularly with the John Byrne Band on 6-string banjo (tuned like a standard guitar) and has performed on electric 12-string and 6-string acoustic guitar. 

Vince owns an array of guitars: 6-string electrics, 12-string electric, 6-string acoustics, 12-string acoustic, and 6-string banjo. He has a few amps and many pedals to augment the guitars' sound. He teaches from his home teaching studio all aspects of guitar including: chords, scales, reading, transcribing, technique, facility, and more.

Electric Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is the foundation of many modern musical ensembles. From jazz to rock, it's popular and reliable. There is always need for a solid bassist.

Vince began playing bass as a teenager. He first learned by ear; transcribing a lot of classic rock (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc...). Although Vince primarily studied trumpet in college, he continued playing bass with off-campus bands. Vince applied what he was learning in music school to his bass playing. He is a fully literate bassist. 

Vince is the bassist and musical director for Phloyd: A Pink Floyd Tribute band based in Philadelphia. He's recorded bass on a few of his solo albums including Syzygy and Sound Plan. He played bass with the John Byrne Band and still subs occasionally when the current bassist is unavailable. For three semesters, Vince taught bass at Rock to the Future, an after school music program in Philadelphia. There he taught all the bass students; focusing on technique, reading, and exploring different repertoire and styles tailored to each student's interests. 

Bass can be a melodic instrument as well as a foundational instrument. Vince teaches to the wants and needs of his students. At his home teaching studio, Vince has a couple amps and an array of teaching materials.

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