Quatrane formed August 2009 as a student-organized Jazz Ensemble at SUNY New Paltz. Two founding members Vince Tampio (trumpet) and Michael Kadnar (drums) had collaborated in numerous projects the prior two years. The two scouted and auditioned peers, and shortly Ben Basile (bass) and Chris "Catfish" Dayton (guitar) joined Quatrane.

Today, Quatrane focuses on producing original music primarily written by Vince Tampio and Chris "Catfish Dayton. Their alternate compositional approaches compliment each other and broaden the band's signature sound. Quatrane's major influences include Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, and Allan Holdsworth, to name a few. Quatrane released their debut album: Night Trip on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. It features original music by the band's two chief composers and is availible for download below.