Newsletter - Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!

A lot has happened since my last June newsletter; here are the highlights!

You Do You released "Live it Up," the lead single off our forthcoming album, Funky Dinos. The "new track is…


Newsletter - June 1 

Greetings from the road!

I’m on a tour of the American Midwest with the John Byrne Band. It’s John, Maura Dwyer, Andy Keenan, and me as an acoustic quartet. We’re playing a slew of gigs so check the…


Newsletter - April 11

Happy Spring!

With Winter behind us and Summer ahead, Spring is arguably my favorite season. I'm usually filled with a simultaneous sense of closure and optimistic promise. Some projects have come to a close or hiatus, thus freeing me…


Newsletter - March 15

Tis the eye of Irish Season,

It's once again the month of March; which I fondly refer to as Irish Season. This is my fifth season performing with the John Byrne Band. We've already played a string of…


Newsletter - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2019 started with quite the silent explosion of activity! January and February are usually quiet months for me; I don't play many public gigs. However, I've been capitalizing on the public inactivity by increasing my trumpet…

Newsletter - November 5 

Happy Daylight Savings,

Although I'll miss the late afternoon sunlight, I certainly seized the extra hour!

My internal clock has been awry since the 10 Day John Byrne Band - Irish Experience. As a 4-piece band (accompanied by…


Newsletter - August 31 

Happy final day of August!

It feels Philadelphia witnessed three seasons in August: Spring, Summer, Fall, Summer again, then Spring again. It's hardly been a month since my last newsletter, but it feels much longer. 

The Philly Tribute

Newsletter - July 27 

Happy Apogee Moon!

An apogee moon is the point at which the moon is farthest from the Earth on its elliptical orbit. Although the astronomical calendar is still on schedule, my show tomorrow is not. Due to a number…


Newsletter - House Concert July 28

Please join me for Sunset Cocktails and Moonlit Jazz with The Vince Tampio Ensemble; Saturday, July 28, 2018!

The evening’s music will serve as the soundtrack to the emerging night sky which should clearly feature a handful of planets…


Newsletter - June 12

Hello Summer, 

I just returned from the John Byrne Band's Summer 2018 Mid-West Tour. We drove through 10 states making it as far west as the Rocky Mountains. It's the farthest west I've even been. Every night we…